Auto Enrolment

Regardless as to whether we exercise your payroll or not, we are able to advise, assist and support over the varied aspects of Auto Enrolment (AE).

We provide our Auto Enrolment Compliance Package (AECP) to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We dovetail our services with the chosen pension advisors so as to ensure your business moves from AE being on the horizon to having the scheme set-up and operational. 

In addition to registering the scheme and exercising all statutory communications between employer and employee our AECP also ensures all employees are briefed and informed over how AE affects them, duly meeting the employers statutory obligations under the AE framework.

Once operable, we are able to advise over the weekly/monthly AE administration obligations. If we exercise payroll bureau services on your behalf, these services are extended to ensure full compliance under AE.

Furthermore, certain business are exempt from AE. We are able to advise over such and secure the requisite exemption; where relevant.