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Ian Walker & Co - Fees



Our approach is one of openness and we believe that our clients should have a clear understanding of all fees, with no surprises. 

​As no two businesses are the same, we offer an annual bespoke quotation for services to fit your needs. 

Fixed fee arrangements are made whereby your annual accountancy and taxation services, together with phone calls and advice; are provided for an agreed fee. Each quote is on a capped basis, meaning should our time charges fall below our estimate, the lower sum will be levied. Fees are to be settled by means of monthly instalments. 


We are now able to receive payments via Paypal, cheque, or BACS transfer.

Our Paypal reference is


We offer a no-obligation initial one hour meeting free of charge, where we get to know your business and advise on suitable services for your reporting obligations. This enables us to provide a fair and appropriate fee quote.


Contact us today for your free initial consultation and meet our team.

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