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Accounts - Businesses

Our services include the preparation of statutory and management accounts for companies, LLP's, partnerships, and sole traders. These services can be extended to incorporate financial analysis and specific financial reporting as required to meet our clients reporting obligations and preferences.

We provide explanation and advice in support of the results and our findings. This approach empowers our clients in making informed management decisions and assists with rational forward planning.

Ian Walker & Co - Accounts, Business
Ian Walker & Co - Accounts & IE - Charities, Not For Profit

Accounts & IE - Charities,

CIC, Not For Profit

Our services include the preparation of statutory and management accounts for both incorporated and unincorporated charities; inclusive of CIC’s.

We also exercise Independent Examiners Reports (IE) in the charity sector, as prescribed by the underlying reporting framework.

We find that the Trustees of our charity clients welcome our attendance in presenting the results as part of the AGM/Trustees meeting. Our charity engagements result in our attending said meetings, presenting the results and our findings, whilst also being available for Q&A.

Taxation - Businesses 

We provide an extensive range of tax services to our business clients, examples of which are:

  • Annual corporate and partnership self-assessment tax return reporting; incorporating partnerships, companies and LLP’s.

  • Tax planning services and advice across all aspects of UK business taxation

  • VAT & payroll services

  • Registration of ventures at HM Revenue & Customs, inclusive of advice and support over electronic submissions

  • Handling HM Revenue & Customs full and aspect enquiries

  • Adhoc tax planning on business acquisitions and disposals

We are able to advise you over specific tax strategies to minimise tax and NIC exposure across the business and its participators. We have long established working practices on this field; duly updated for varied legislative changes across the years thus ensuring our clients' preferences over tax strategies and efficiencies can be met.

Ian Walker & Co - Taxation, Business
Ian Walker & Co - Taxation, individual

Taxation - Individual

We provide services across all aspects of UK personal taxation. Such services extend beyond the preparation and submission of annual personal tax returns, to inheritance tax and capital gains tax planning and advice.

Remuneration planning is critical to entrepreneurs. We provide advice and solutions in minimising tax and NIC exposure across both the participators and the venture itself.

Planning for certain events will prove critical in reducing overall tax and NIC liabilities. Specifically planning for inheritance tax and capital gains tax exposure is fundamental in reducing overall exposure to HM Revenue & Customs.

Taxation – Compliance Package for Making Tax Digital (MTD)

We can package our varied services so as to provide a simple, straightforward and time efficient solution for the small business. We refer to this as our “Compliance Package”.


With the increased availability and functionality of cloud based software packages such as Xero, FreeAgent & SAGE 1, coupled with the new reporting regime at HM Revenue & Customs (see below); demand for our Compliance Package has never been higher.


For small businesses and landlords with Turnover of £250,000 pa or less, our Compliance Package comprises of our exercising the following:

  • Maintaining all books and records on cloud based software

  • Annual Accounts preparation

  • Management Accounts/Report preparation

  • Annual Personal Self Assessment Tax Return

  • Annual computation of Tax & NIC liabilities

  • VAT Return preparation (where applicable)

  • Weekly/monthly payroll bureau (where applicable)

  • Submissions to HM Revenue & Customs

  • Tax & NIC mitigation advice

  • Overview advice and support


Services can be added or retracted as is relevant to your business.


HM Revenue & Customs’ regime of “Making Tax Digital – MTD” has been in effect since April 2018. This marks a revolution in tax reporting for the small business. These changes are strictly scheduled and are underpinned by UK tax legislation. Once your business falls within the MTD criteria, compliance becomes mandatory. Contact us to start planning MTD for your business.

Ian Walker & Co - Taxation, compliance package for MTD
Ian Walker & Co - Business Acquisitions & Disposals

Business Acquisitions & Disposals

We have a wealth of experience in advising clients who are looking to acquire or sell a business.

Our services include advice over the current funding options available for purchasers, liaison with solicitors over the structure of the proposed deal, negotiation with vendors and their representatives etc.

Our services are tailored to our client's preferences and include extensive tax advice and planning; whether acting for vendor or purchaser.

Our open and communicative approach assist in commuting the deal, as well as steering our clients away from problematic issues and factors which can be common place.

Payroll & CIS

We provide full payroll bureau services to our clients; inclusive of CIS bureau duties where applicable. In addition to our full bureau service we provide payroll support and advisory services to our clients who undertake their payroll services in house. Such services extend to annual or bi-annual payroll health-checks inclusive of a pre-submission review and reconciliation of our clients’ draft annual payroll submissions (P35, P60/P14 etc..).

Our payroll bureau services extend to the registering of PAYE schemes at HM Revenue & Customs, RTI reporting and varied options affecting each pay run; Bike to Work Scheme, Nursery Vouchers, Salary Sacrifice and similar variations.

We also provide monthly CIS bureau services to our clients in the construction sector. These services extend from sub-contractors to developers and building firms acting as main contractor. We support, review offer reconciliation services to our clients who maintain their CIS records and submissions.

Ian Walker & Co - Payroll and CIS
Ian Walker & Co - Book-keeping & VAT

Book-keeping & VAT

Book Keeping

We provide full computerised book-keeping solutions, tailored to meet your preferences, needs and business sector. Computerised solutions can be provided on various mainstream packages such as Sage Accounting software, Quickbooks, etc., or on cloud based software such as Xero, FreeAgent, SAGE 1 etc.


Efficient book-keeping systems streamline your internal reporting, increase efficiencies, reduce duplication and provide the cornerstone for accurate statutory accounts, management accounts and ad-hoc reports. We can provide advisory services to you over your book-keeping procedures and highlight the options available to you for upgrade or improvement.


Reliable and reconciled books and records form the basis for successful and informed decision making, and complements our requirements for your financial reporting duties. Such record keeping also supports accurate and complete reporting to HM Revenue & Customs, both factors being critical to any venture.


VAT services are provided regardless of whether we are engaged to exercise book-keeping for your venture; either way our services will dovetail with your record keeping whilst meeting your filing obligations at HM Revenue & Customs.


Our VAT services include the preparation of VAT returns, registration/de-registration processing and advice, electronic submission administration, plus advice and support over all nature of VAT matters.

Auto Enrolment 

Regardless as to whether we exercise your payroll or not, we are able to advise, assist, and support over the varied aspects of Auto Enrolment (AE).

We provide our Auto Enrolment Compliance Package (AECP) to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We dovetail our services with the chosen pension advisors so as to ensure your business moves from AE being on the horizon to having the scheme set-up and operational. 

In addition to registering the scheme and exercising all statutory communications between employer and employee our AECP also ensures all employees are briefed and informed over how AE affects them, duly meeting the employers statutory obligations under the AE framework.

Once operable, we are able to advise over the weekly/monthly AE administration obligations. If we exercise payroll bureau services on your behalf, these services are extended to ensure full compliance under AE.

Furthermore, certain business are exempt from AE. We are able to advise over such and secure the requisite exemption; where relevant.

Ian Walker & Co - Pensions and Auto Enrolment
Ian Walker & Co - Ad-hoc Assignments & Reporting

Ad-hoc Assignments & Reporting

We recognise the varied non-statutory financial reporting obligations of businesses both large and small. Our services extend to cover such eventualities.

Across the team we carry extensive expertise over such assignments as projections, costings, budgeting, business plans, grant applications/certification, KPI analysis and business performance reviews. 

Additionally we are able to exercise financial and taxation health-checks of businesses. Such assignments involve us reviewing your reporting, results, performance and tax efficiencies; duly reporting thereon. We present our findings to the decision makers of each venture. Such services empower business owners to make changes which will help improve fortunes and/or reduce exposure to HM Revenue & Customs.

Accounts - Businesses
Accounts & IE - Charities, CIC, Not For Profit
Taxation - Businesses
Taxation - Individual
Taxation - Compliance Package
Business Acquisitions & Disposals
Payroll & CIS
Book-keeping & VAT
Auto Enrolment
Ad-hoc Assignments & Reporting
Business Support

Business Support 

Our business support services provide all nature of solutions for you and your business. The services range from simple administration or registration to more complex business plans and adhoc assignments. These services can be tailored to your business.


Our business support options are aimed to supplement the existing business duties of principals and management, thus providing peace of mind and expert support.


We provide a range of services including:

  • Preparation of business plans

  • Preparation of cash-flow and profits forecasts

  • Budget setting and performance monitoring

  • Appraisal of financial data and production of Key Performance Indicators

  • Advisory services over re-financing opportunities

  • Tailored solutions for matters arising on each clients' specific business sector

  • Full finance function packages

  • Funding opportunity appraisal

  • Re-financing appraisals

  • Systems review


We also advise clients over funding opportunities via high street banks, Government Agencies and associated organisations (ie. Key Fund Yorkshire, Yorkshire Finance and LEP's).


We provide varied business and financial consultancy services. These services can supplement the existing duties for which we are engaged to our clients, or can be provided as stand alone assignments dovetailing with your existing advisors and connected parties.

Ian Walker & Co - Business Support
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