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Ian Walker & Co - We Support, York

“We are proud of our roots as a leading York accountancy practice.
We believe in giving back to the local business, commerce and educational communities. As such we are proud to support Archbishop of York Youth Trust, NYBEP, York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and Make It York. We do so by providing advisory, Board representation, lectures, presentations and events on a pro-bono basis; on behalf of these organisations and their valued members, students and associates. We believe in encouraging and supporting both the current, and indeed next generation of business owners and entrepreneurs across York and the wider locality.”

- Ian Walker -


Archbishop of York Youth Trust

Ian was first introduced to The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu and ABYYT back  in 2012. In 2013 the Trust kindly invited Ian to become a Trust Ambassador. Since this time Ian Walker & Co have spread the word over the good work of the Trust and its fantastic focus on bettering the lives of the nation’s youth; specifically those residing across the Northern Counties of England.

Under the Trust’s grant making operations hundreds of young people have had their lives improved as a result of the Trusts efforts. 

To complement the grant making operations, the Trust also exercises the Young Leaders Award across hundreds of schools across the North. 

Both areas of focus of the Trust help the youngsters “Be the change they want to see…”; duly enriching their own lives, and the lives of others as a result.

Ian Walker & Co - We support Archbishop of York Youth Trust
Ian Walker & Co - we support Make It York
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Make it York

Since the inception of Make It York in 2015 Ian Walker & Co have been proud to provide voluntary services in support of the business directives of Make It York. As a practice we see this as a way of giving a little back to the local business community.

Make It York support and drive many aspects allied to life in our fine City. Our support focuses on Make It York’s business support directive “York Means Business”. 

Our services take the form of free advisory meetings, presentations, lectures and general advisory support to both established businesses and new start-ups.

We strongly support Make It York’s focus on assisting local businesses in accessing good, reliable, accurate and timely advice and support; thus giving each venture the best opportunity to grow whilst maximising opportunities and avoiding pitfalls.


Since 2010 Ian Walker & Co have provided voluntary services in support of NYBEP’s prime focus, being the partnership of business and education services focussed in empowering young people over the place of business in the community, and the career opportunities arising therein.

We are delighted to have encouraged hundreds of youngsters over the importance of business, and over accountancy and finance as a career option. Our voluntary services range from attending local schools and colleges to discuss business and accountancy, to lecturing to larger groups over the same and even being judges at the (fantastic) annual Big Bang/STEM innovation competition for local schools.

Our support is similar to that provided to the local LEP and Make It York, but is firmly focussed on informing and encouraging local youngsters, as opposed to local businesses.

Ian Walker & Co - we support NYBEP
Ian Walker & Co - we support York & North Yorkshire LEP

York & North Yorkshire
Local Enterprise Partnership

Since 2012 Ian Walker & Co have been proud to support the directives of the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership. The Local LEP provides business support to growing ventures across York and the locality.

Ian is a member of both the Business Board and the Business Engagement Forum of the York & North Yorkshire LEP.

As with our support of Make It York and NYBEP, we exercise varied voluntary services as a way of assisting the local business community. Our services include attending the local business Pop Up Cafes to exercising supporting advisory and presentations under the “How’s Business” focus of the LEP.

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